Special Rules

Special Rules and Courtesies – 2016

Revisions for the year appear in highlighted text

  1. UNIFORMS – Our team jerseys are the only thing that distinguishes us from the other teams, please make player identification easier and wear your league jersey.
  2. UMPIRES – We all make mistakes and they will balance out over the year, so give the benefit of the doubt to the umpire.
  3. BATS – Personal bats are allowed. If a bat is borrowed, make sure it is returned before you take to the field. The league will follow the general Slo Pitch Ontario regulations regarding bats. Only bats marked “USSSA BPF 1.20″ or “BPF 1.20″ (for bats manufactured prior to 2004) are candidates for play. In addition, as of the 2011 season all personal bats require league approval before being allowed into a game. The league will hold a number of pre-season clinics at which personal bats can be evaluated and potentially accepted for use. Personal bats approved for use will have a unique league marking affixed to them. Personal bats not having this approval mark cannot be used in a game. If a personal bat is found to not have this marking it will be removed from play. In addition, A bat must not be altered in any fashion to change the behavior intended by the manufacturer. The league considers the use of an altered bat to be a potentially serious safety issue. If a bat is suspected of being altered it will be provided to the League Executive for testing. The testing may require multiple weeks to complete. As with any infraction, the League Executive can rule that the bat owner acted against the expected conduct of members and the bat owner will be removed from the league with no refund.
  4. NO INTENTIONAL WALKS – Pitchers! The batter paid his fees to hit the ball, so let him do so. No batter may be walked on four consecutive pitches until at least one pitch is called a strike. In the event that a pitcher is having difficulty hitting the plate, after 10 consecutive balls, it is recommended that the pitcher’s rep consider replacing the pitcher with another player in the interest of moving the game forward.
  5. SUBSTITUTE RUNNER – If a substitute ‘runner’ is needed; he must remain behind the extended third base line until the batter makes contact. If he touches or crosses the line with either foot before contact, the batter is out.
  6. HOME PLATE – Stay as far away from home plate as possible to avoid the catcher. He may have to move to catch the ball.
  7. SLIDING – Sliding is permitted, but only for the prevention of being out. The safety of a runner and fielder should be the first priority.
  8. CONTACT – When running the bases or playing the field, avoid collisions with other players at all costs. We would rather see a ball drop in for a single than to have to call for an ambulance.
  9. FOUL LANGUAGE – Not necessary. There are a lot of wives and children that come to watch our games and they do not come for a lesson in profanity.
  11. COMPETITIVENESS – Sure we all want to win, but this league is designed to let everyone play, both good and not so good players, so don’t get on anybody, for example for dropping a fly ball. If it is that important to win, there are other leagues in town.
  12. SMOKING – There is no smoking or beverages on the playing field by any player, umpire or base coach. Smoking should be done away from the benches or down the baseline in the ‘out of play’ area, with courtesy given to the enjoyment of the game by the players and fans.
  13. NO ALCOHOL – The law states that no alcohol is permitted at public parks. Alcohol found in possession could result in league suspension from public diamonds. We cannot over stress the seriousness of this policy. Our league cannot operate if we do not have ball diamonds. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on or near any diamond, parking lot, treed area or any other place within 100 meters of a park or diamond rented or used by The Guelph Men’s Recreational Slo Pitch League.
  14. CONDUCT – The onus will be on the player to abide by the rules of conduct and fair play. Failure to do so could result in the offending player being removed from the league as per our Constitution, article 15 sub section 15.5 and there will be no refund.