The page contains links to a number of forms and documents used by the Guelph Recreational Slo-Pitch League. You can download the form by clicking on the links provided.

Rules Change Form  Rules Change Request Form
This form is to be used by any member of the league that would like to request a change to the existing rules. Rules change forms can be filled out and giving to a member of the rules committee or your team representative.

In the case of an injury on the ballfield this form needs to be filled in as soon as possible after the incident, preferably within 24 hours. This form is a requirement if our members are to recieve the benefit coverage they qualify for under our Slo-Pitch Ontario insurance coverage.

Guelph Slo-Pitch Medical Form  MEDICAL INFORMATION SHEET
We strongly encourage all members to fill out and give to their team representatives a copy of the Medical Information Sheet. This form will be kept in a sealed location and only accessed in the event that you are in a medical emergency and unable to give instructions or direction as to your care.